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Parque de Quijano
El Parque de Quijano is a small green lung located in the San Antón district on the Plaza de Santa Teresa in Alicante. The park exudes a certain tranquility and that peace is already clearly felt when entering the park. It is mainly the locals that you will find here. They come here to socialize, rest on one of the many benches, enjoy a piece of nature, relax and recharge the batteries before returning to the bustle of the city.
El Parque de Quijano gets its name from a very special man, Trinitario María Gonzálz de Quijano Iturregi also called Tirno Quijano. Tirno Quijano was appointed civilian governor of Alicante in August 1854. Shortly after his appointment, the deadly disease, cholera, broke out in the city. Although the richest and most powerful people fled the city as quickly as possible, he remained with his people. He rolled up his sleeves and helped the people where he could. He visited the sick daily. He took care of the dying and ordered free prescriptions for medicines. In September he himself died of the effects of the cholera. His mandate as a civilian governor lasted only 25 days. But those 25 days were enough to leave an immense impression and write a piece of history.
El parque de Quijano was built between 1855 and 1857 and is completely fenced with a metal fence. In the middle of the park is a burial monument consisting of an obelisk in honor of Trino Quijano. At the end of the park, right in front of the entrance, are two artificial ponds. One is decorated with the cornucopia, the other with a few frogs. To the right of the entrance, hidden in a secluded corner, a small romantic rustic cave was built with stalactites, stalagmites and benches. For years the cave was used as a storage place for garden tools until the city council restored the cave in 2011. On the left side of the park is a large stone cupboard with books behind a glass wall. Until a few years ago this cupboard functioned as a library.
kind of trip :
* park
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always open during the day
address :
* Plaza Santa Teresa, Alicante
* GPS : 38°21'05.3"N 0°29'03.9"W - decimal 38.351480, -0.484419
distance :
* Torrevieja : 51 km, 50 minutes
* Guardamar : 40 km, 40 minutes
* La Marina : 30 km, 35 minutes
accessibility :
* wheelchairs : access to the park is only possible via a staircase of 5
   steps.  In the park itself there is no problem with the wheelchair.
* dogs : only allowed on a leash

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