Alicante - Casa Carbonell

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* building
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* Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya, 1, Alicante
* GPS : 38°20'39.8"N 0°28'51.0"W - decimal 38.344398, -0.480830
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* Torrevieja : 51 km, 45 minutes
* Guardamar : 42 km, 40 minutes
* La Marina : 29 km, 35 minutes
Casa Carbonell
At the end of the Explanada de España is perhaps the most impressive building in Alicante, la Casa Carbonell. This is probably due to the predominantly white exterior. Or do the four towers with blue domes provide this impression?
La Casa Carbonell is located close to the sea. To prevent corrosion and oxidation, high-quality materials such as marble, sandstone and slate were used. And with success because the appearance of the building has hardly changed since its construction in 1925.
The building is divided into various luxury apartments with rooms for staff and offices such as the Belgian Consulate. There are a few shops and restaurants on the ground floor.
La Casa Carbonell was build by the rich textile businessman Enrique Carbonell. The story goes that he regularly came to Alicante with his sick daughter. The climate and the sea air eased her illness. During one of his visits, his clothing was contaminated and he entered the neighboring luxury Hotel de Palas to freshen up, but his access was resolutely denied. As revenge, Enrique Carbonell decided to build a larger, more elegant home next to the Hotel de Palas. The house had only just been finished and it had to be partially restored because a seaplane crashed into one of the domes. The dome and part of the building were seriously damaged. Six months later la Casa Carbonell could still be solemnly inaugurated.