Alicante - Barrio de Santa Cruz
El Barrio de Santa Cruz
As soon as you walk from the center towards the Monte Benacantil hill, you will automatically arrive in the Santa Cruz district. This neighborhood is also often referred to as "El Barrio". Santa Cruz starts as soon as you start walking uphill from the Plaza de la Santa Faz. A great deal of time and effort was put into refurbishing this neighborhood, so that the original character and charm were retained.
The area is only accessible to pedestrians. Not difficult if you know that the narrow streets were built before motorized vehicles existed. El Barrio de Santa Cruz contrasts sharply with the rest of the city of Alicante. This neighborhood gives you a rural feel while in reality you are only a few minutes away from the port and La Rambla Méndez Nunez.
The Carrer del Mig, Carrer de Baix and Carrer de Dalt are examples of streets where it seems as if time stood still. The colorful painted houses, whitewashed walls and rows of decorative flower pots give each house a unique look. The most photographed streets are therefore Calle de San Rafael and Calle San Antonio. At the highest point of Calle San Antonio there is an entrance to the Parque de la Ereta. Yet you don't see many tourists here. The stairs through the neighborhood seem to be used mainly by the residents. Tourists who make the effort to visit this Barrio de Santa Cruz often see the residents sitting on their terraces while the children play in the streets. And let it be these residents who give the neighborhood a special appearance.
From the beginning of Calle San Antonio you will find blue signs that lead to La Ermita de Santa Cruz, an 18th century chapel. The tower, La Torre de la Ampolla, is one of the few medieval monuments that have remained intact. Next to the chapel there is a viewpoint with a beautiful view of the city, the harbor and the sea. The chapel is also the starting point for the Hermandad de la Santa Cruz procession that takes place during the Semana Santa.
Visitors should keep in mind that Santa Cruz is set against a hill and can only be reached via stairs. These places are unfortunately not accessible for prams and people with reduced mobility. We advise people who want to explore these areas to wear comfortable footwear and to bring a bottle of water. Although it is not a steep climb, the heat and the steep slope can still be a challenge. Don't let this stop you from visiting one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Alicante.
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* GPS : 38°20'47.7"N 0°28'53.1"W - decimal 38.346577, -0.481421
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* Torrevieja : 51 km, 50 minutes
* Guardamar : 42 km, 45 minutes
* La Marina : 30 km, 35 minutes
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