Alicante - Castillo de San Fernando
Castillo de San Fernando
The castle of San Fernando is located at less than one kilometer from the more famous Santa Barbara Castle. It was built during the war of independence against the French in 1813 on top of the Tossal hill. The name San Fernando is a tribute to Fernando VII of Spain, a Spanish king from the beginning of the 19th century. The castle wasn't a very high-quality structure, which means that it is not in very good condition.
Is there still a reason to visit the castle? Yes there is. You enjoy beautiful views of the city and above all a very nice view of the Santa Barbara castle.
kind of trip :
* castle
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* the castle is accessible every day from the morning till the evening
contact :
* website :
address :
* Camino del Castillo de San Fernando, Alicante
* GPS : 38°21'08.1"N 0°29'27.3"W - decimal 38.352238,-0.490913
distance :
* Torrevieja : 51 km, 51 minutes
* Guardamar : 43 km, 46 minutes
* La Marina : 30 km, 35 minutes

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