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25 February 2023

Sierra del ferriol

In the hills behind Pantano de Elche, recluse Mariano Ros has made dozens of beautiful works of art in the rocks. It concerns various figures that he first carved and then painted. Almost every year he added a work. The result is a real open-air museum. You will find a plane, a crocodile, Pantano de Elche, ... In the spring of 2017 the artist died at the age of 91.

Finding this place is not that easy. It is best to drive as far as possible with the car (see GPS coordinates). The last part can only be done on foot (or with a mountain bike). From there it is still about 1 km that contains a considerable climb.

entrance fee

* free

opening hours

* always open


* GPS : 38°19'16.8"N 0°41'40.2"W - 38.321324, -0.694506

* GPS location of point where you can come by car :

   38°19'12.9"N 0°42'07.8"W - 38.320251, -0.702172


* Torrevieja : 47 km, 55 minutes

* Guardamar : 39 km, 50 minutes

* La Marina : 27 km, 40 minutes