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26 April 2023

City park

The city park of Elche contains a very large number of palm trees. Together with a lot of other parks in the city, this forms the palm garden of the city. With more than 200.000 pieces, this palm garden is the largest collection of palm trees in Europe. Since the end of the year 2000 the palm garden has been included on the Unesco list for world heritage.

On the other side of the busy road, the park goes a long way further. A few ponds can be found in that other part.

entrance fee

* free

opening hours

* always accessible


* website :


* Passeig de l'Estacio, 03202 Elche

* GPS : 38°16'10.0"N 0°41'47.9"W - 38.269435, -0.696635


* Torrevieja : 39 km, 40 minutes

* Guardamar : 30 km, 40 minutes

* La Marina : 18 km, 24 minutes