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25 February 2023

Rio Vinalopó

Rio Vinalopó is a river of only 81 km long that flows through the province of Alicante into the sea at Santa Pola. In Elche there are some special places on this small river. Outside the city there is the reservoir (Pantano de Elche) but also in the city center the river is quite striking. The small river runs through a deep, broad concrete bed. It flows in the center with many hundreds of square meters of concrete full of paintings on both left and right. The whole then runs through a neatly laid out park. It is a special experience to walk through the river. There are stairs on both sides of the river to get in or out of it.


entrance fee

* free

opening hours

* always accessible


* through the centre of Elche

* GPS : 38°16'02.6"N 0°41'58.8"W - 38.267388, -0.699679


* Torrevieja : 39 km, 43 minutes

* Guardamar : 30 km, 37 minutes

* La Marina : 22 km, 29 minutes