Elche - Aqueducts and tunnels
Tunnels and aqueducts close to Pantano de Elche
Tunnels and aqueducts can be found next to the reservoir (Pantano de Elche). Some tunnels are only a few meters long, others are so long that you no longer see light forwards or backwards for a long time. The tunnels are connected to each other in several places by aqueducts. Please note that entering the tunnels is not without risk. Some sections of the tunnel ceiling have fallen down in several places. One of the long tunnels can only be left at the end through a sewer pipe that is several tens of meters long. So take not only a very large dose of caution, but also a flashlight and not very good clothing.
The GPS coordinates on this page refer to the entrance to the tunnel closest to the dam.
kind of trip :
* varia
entrance fee :
* not applicable
opening hours :
* not applicable
address :
* GPS : 38°18'25.7"N 0°43'13.7"W - decimal 38.307129, -0.720481
distance :
* Torrevieja : 48 km, 40 minutes
* Guardamar : 48 km, 45 minutes
* La Marina : 24 km, 40 minutes

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