Rio Chicamo
Rio Chicamo
The nature in the surroundings of the Rio Chícamo is a place that is well known by nature lovers. It is a place of great geological, botanical and fauna value. It offers a geological look back over time to more than 7 million years. Sediments from 10 to 7 million years ago were also seen in the area when the Mediterranean Sea still came into this area. Since you have to cross the Rio in some parts of the walk, and there is always water in it, it is desirable to take the walk with suitable shoes. In the summer months you can usually cross the river on rocks that lie in the water.
In the summer months a lot of people go to the Rio Chicamo to enjoy the refreshing water. If there is enough water in it then some places are deep enough for swimming.
On the one hand is the source, this is the less beautiful side. In the summer you can usually start the walk from there. In the spring, there is a real chance that no path has been made in the planting. If you drive a few kilometers away by car, you can start the hike in the opposite direction. This way you will reach the most beautiful places faster and you can shorten the length if you wish. If you want to start on the other side, it may well be that you drive past the place without having seen the Rio Chicamo. At that place there is no more than a little bit of water along the way. As you continue you will notice that the river becomes wider and in some places also deeper. The strip between the rocks becomes narrower, so that what you see becomes more and more beautiful.
Length of the walk: 2.34 km only, return along the same road.
A few tips: be sure to bring shoes that you can use in the water. Swimwear is also recommended to fully enjoy the fresh water. Please try to respect nature as well as possible and please do not leave any dirt behind in this beautiful place.
The first GPS location is a place where you can park the car. If you walk further away from the road you will come to the Rio Chicamo. The source is a few hundred meters further upstream.
The second GPS location is harder to find. Follow the MU-9 A (A9) until you see a small road towards La Umbria on the left. After a few hundred meters you will arrive at the right starting point. With some luck there are already a few cars, because there is no other point to recognize it. Parking is unfortunately not provided but given the very limited traffic you can usually park there.
kind of trip :
* nature
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always
address :
* source : GPS : 38.262815,-1.001377
* starting point walk upstream :
  Take the exit from the RM-410 to the A9 (MU-9 A) and follow this until
   you can go left to La Umbria.
   GPS : 38.245735,-1.006019
distance :
* Torrevieja : 52 km, 60 minutes
* Guardamar : 51 km, 65 minutes
* La Marina : 47 km, 65 minutes

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