Rambla Salada
Rambla Salada
Feel like excitement and adventure? Then the Rambla Salada is the perfect walk for you. A walk through the Rambla Salada cannot be called a normal walk. To say the least, it is quite exciting and adventurous. Starting this tour on slippers is definitely not done. Be aware that the cell phone range is between minimal and zero here. Don't forget to bring enough water, a few snacks to boost your energy level and your walking shoes. Finding the start of the walk is a first small challenge in itself. After you have parked the car, you take the sharp, harmless descent on a wide forest road. You keep walking until you see a slightly narrower road on the right. You take that. Three to four hundred meters further you have a narrower path on the left and a small sign that lies against the ground with the text: "Canalón Rambla Salada". This is the start of your adventure. Soon you will come across a first aqueduct. From now on you just have to follow the path and the aqueducts until you see the salt in the Rambla Salada. What a beautiful natural phenomenon! Due to the infiltration of the rainwater and the contact between the permeable materials (limestone, dolomites and sandstones) with impermeable materials, this salt deposit was created. You walk along the Rambla Salada and as soon as you see a possibility to descend safely, you head towards Rambla Salada. Here you have the choice between going a little further (upstream) and then returning through the Rambla or starting the return (downstream) trip through the Rambla at this point.
It was already a bit later in the afternoon so we chose the second option. The first part of the return is quite relaxing until you reach the point where boulders block the path. What follows is surely the most exciting and difficult part of the walk and not entirely without danger. Here you'll have to search the most suitable "path". Iron chains attached to the rocks are a welcome tool. After some climbing and descending, this mini-survival comes to an end. The rest of the route is more comfortable. The final challenge is to leave the Rambla Salada at the right point. Near a 90-degree turn to the right with a plantation on your right, there should be an indication on the left of a path that will take you back to the well-known path at the start of the walk. If, like us, you miss this, you continue walking until you see an opportunity to leave the Rambla Salada. Then you return to a broader road. Here you will have to orientate yourself or turn on your GPS to get back to the starting point. The normal route is between 9 and 10 kilometers (and at least 3 kilometers more if you miss the exit).This route is exciting, adventurous and definitely worth it.
How to get there : Drive to Albatera. In Albatera you take the CV-873 towards Hondón de los Frailes, about 4.6 km. Just before the canal you go left. Drive 1.9 km parallel to the canal. At the sixth bridge you turn right. Drive approximately 3 km until you reach a small dirt road and park your car here.
kind of trip :
* nature
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always accessible
address :
* parking space - start of the walk
   GPS : 38°13'59.9"N 0°55'34.1"W - decimaal 38.233304, -0.926135
* turn right (narrow road):
   GPS : 38°13'59.9"N 0°55'34.1"W - decimaal 38.233304, -0.926135
* first aqueduct:
   GPS : 38°13'53.5"N 0°56'17.6"W - decimaal 38.231518, -0.938224
distance :
* Torrevieja : 41 km, 49 minutes
* Guardamar : 36 km, 45 minutes
* La Marina : 36 km, 48 minutes
* wheelchairs : only for people who are able to walk very well
* dogs : not recommended to take your dog with you
   (also because of the salt on the bottom)

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