Sierra de la Mariola
Sierra de la Mariola
The Sierra de Mariola is a 16.000 hectare park and since 2002 this is a protected nature reserve. The landscape consists of mountains, valleys, wild flowers and old hermit homes. It is surrounded by former Moorish villages where you can still find castles and / or ruins of castles. These include Banyeres de Mariolo, Bocairent and Alcoy. Everywhere in the park you come across babbling brooks and waterfalls. The park is also known for its herbs and the area is also rich in resources. The highest mountain is the Montcabrer with a height of 1.390 meter and it dominates a third of the province of Alicante. In addition, there are numerous other peaks of more than 1.000 meter, such as the Alberri, the nose of the Comptador or the Cerincal.
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* nature
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* phone : (+34) 962 905 062
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* the park is located between CV-794 and CV-795, south of
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* Torrevieja : 124 km, 100 minutes
* Guardamar : 115 km, 110 minutes
* La Marina : 104 km, 100 minutes

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