Bateria de castillitos
Bateria de castillitos
(the cannons of Mazarron)
The Bateria de Castillitos is an old fort that is equipped with some very large cannons. It is located on a small headland between Cartagena and Mazarron. As a result, it is often referred to as "the cannons of Mazarron".
The military fort was built in the years 1933 - 1936 together with a smaller similar fort (Bateria de Cenizas) on the other side of Cartagena. The intention was that these 2 together could protect the sea access to Cartagena. For this, the fort was equipped with 2 heavy Vickers-Armstrongs cannons with a range of almost 35 kilometers. These cannons and the associated watchtowers are still intact. In addition, there are more cannons of a smaller type on the domain. The cannons are so large that you can see them perfectly by zooming in on the aerial photo.
This visit is much more extensive than it appears. Foresee at least half a day if you want to visit the entire fort. Also keep in mind that very little parking is available.
We have some important tips for this place of interest:
* the road to the fort (+/- 8 km) is narrow and sometimes busy, the view is often not sufficient, be careful here.
* the fort is not adjusted for tourism. Railings are not provided in many places. Be careful with children.
* there are no shops or beverage machines in the area. So bring plenty of water with you.
kind of trip :
* castle
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* every day, all day
address :
* GPS : 37°32'28.2"N 1°07'33.5"W - decimaal 37.541159, -1.125963
distance :
* Torrevieja : 90 km, 80 minutes
* Guardamar : 101 km, 90 minutes
* La Marina : 109 km, 100 minutes

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