Las minas de Mazarron
kind of trip :
* special place
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always open
contact :
address :
* RM-607 from Mazarron towards AP-7, just outside the city center
* GPS : 37°36'09.1"N 1°19'19.9"W - decimaal 37.602515, -1.322197
distance :
* Torrevieja : 97 km, 66 minutes
* Guardamar : 107 km, 76 minutes
* La Marina : 115 km, 81 minutes
accessibility :
* wheelchairs : the paths are sandy and uneven making access difficult.
   Many places are totally inaccessible with the wheelchair.
* dogs : allowed. Watch out for the deep gaps on the site and the
   many remains of potentially harmful substances for your dog.

Las minas de Mazarron
In the region around Mazarron there were already mining activities at the time of the Romans. Only in the 60s of last century did it come to an end and the mines were finally closed.
Today you can still visit the abandoned mining site of Mazarron. You will find remains of the old mine building, offices, chimneys and even the old mine shafts with lifts are still present. You will be short of eyes and especially time to see everything. But always keep in mind that you are walking on an abandoned mine site. There are several gaps on the site with a depth of several hundred meters, and not all of these are well fenced. This is certainly not an area to come with young children or dogs without leash.
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