Bocairent - Covetes dels Moros
Covetes dels Moros
The Covetes dels Moros are on the right-hand side of the Barranc de la Fos, 300 meters from the old town district.
A large number of hand-made caves, with holes in the shape of windows, were carved on the side of a rock wall. From afar it seems to be cave dwellings. To make it easier for visitors, metal stairs were placed, one as the entrance and one as the exit. In total there are around 50 windows that give access to the same number of rooms. There are also a number of caves that have been begun but have not been finished. The rooms are all connected to each other and spread over 3 to 4 floors. We say 3 to 4 floors because they are not all neatly above each other. You cannot enter without a guide. Pouches, backpacks and camera bags must be left at the entrance. Later it became clear why. The guide takes you to the first room. After a welcome word we were given the choice: return or step through the different rooms to the exit on the other side. Those who choose the latter choose adventure. We accept the challenge. Standing up in the caves is impossible. It is rather crawling on hands and knees or walking with a goose pass. The rooms are connected to each other through openings in the wall. Sometimes you don't find an opening and then you have to go up a kind of chimney pipe to get to the next level. That is why all "ballast" had to be left at the entrance. Can the cave complex only be visited by flexible people? No, it is not! Here and there notches are made in the rocks that make climbing easier. By the way, the guide constantly walks from the beginning of the cave complex to the end and vice versa. When things get difficult, he is the helping hand to give a push. After we have walked through the entire labyrinth of rooms and narrow passages or rather have crawled through, we arrive in the last room where a metal staircase puts us firmly back on the ground with both feet. Nasty? No, because you are in constant contact with the outside light. Exciting? Anyway. Worth the effort? Absolutely. A real topper!
Although these caves are called "Covetes dels Moros", it is not certain that the Moors have carved these rooms. Many guesses have already been made about who it would have been and the function of the caves. Some think of burial rooms. These thoughts seem to be wrong. On the one hand because there are no traces of any funerals anywhere, on the other hand the rooms would probably be closed afterwards. Furthermore, there is also thought of storage sites, granaries or shelters. The latter seems plausible and could come close. The rooms would not be accessible without a ladder or rope. Once the ladder or rope was pulled into the room, people were safe. There are many more theories but the real function and whoever carved the caves will probably never be known. This remains the great mystery of Bocairent.
This trip is not suitable for people with walking difficulties, people who are very fat or suffer from claustrophobia.
The entrance to the caves is just opposite the entrance to the Cava de Sant Blai. Both are therefore ideal to combine.
kind of trip :
* historical place
entrance fee :
* entrance fee for Covetes dels Moros : 1,50 euro
* for 5 euro you can visit 5 attractions in Bocairent
opening hours :
* Tuesday to Friday: 11 am - 2 pm
* Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11 am - 2 pm & 4 pm - 6 pm
* closed on Monday
* these opening hours change from time to time, so look before your
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* phone : (+34) 962 905 062
address :
* Carrer Ruta de les Covetes 2, 46880 Bocairent
* GPS : 38°46'12.9"N 0°36'24.8"W - decimal 38.770237,-0.606897
distance :
* Torrevieja : 126 km, 85 minutes
* Guardamar : 109 km, 85 minutes
* La Marina : 98 km, 80 minutes

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