Bocairent - Cava de Sant Blai
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* historical place
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* entrance only for the cave : 1,50 euro
* for 5 euro you can visit 5 attractions in Bocairent
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* Tuesday to Friday: 12 am - 2 pm
* Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11 am - 2 pm & 4 pm - 6 pm
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contact :
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* phone : (+34) 962 905 062
address :
* Carrer Ruta de les Covetes 2, 46880 Bocairent
* GPS : 38°46'08.6"N 0°36'29.3"W - decimal 38.769055,-0.608143
distance :
* Torrevieja : 126 km, 85 minutes
* Guardamar : 109 km, 85 minutes
* La Marina : 98 km, 80 minutes
Cava de Sant Blai
Before there were refrogerators and freezers, people also wanted to keep goods cool. To do this, enormous ice caves were built in which snow was stored for use in warmer periods. The associated trade reached its peak in the 17th and 19th centuries.
The Cava de Sant Blai is such an ice cave with a diameter of 7.70 meters and a depth of 11 meters. Even on the hottest days it remains relatively fresh in this cave. The Cava de Saint Blai is an ice cellar, the precursor of our freezer. The natural cold was used to trade in ice. The Cava de Saint Blai is a barrel-shaped detached cellar with a diameter of 7.70 meters and is 11 meters deep. In the winter, snow was collected and crushed to make it become ice. The ice was covered with hay for insulation. The depth and the hay ensure a perfectly isolated space. Because cold is falling, it is possible to keep this space sufficiently cool to retain ice throughout the year. In the summer, the ice was taken from the ice caves and sold by traders. The peak of this activity was around the 17th and 18th centuries. The ice was transported by donkey to the neighboring villages. This ice cellar is accessible to visitors and offers the necessary cooling on hot summer days.

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