Salt lake of Torrevieja
Salt lake of Torrevieja
If you drive along the CV-905 from Torrevieja inland then you see after a few roundabouts at the same time left and right a salt lake. The salt lake on the left is the one of Torrevieja, the one on the right side is the salt lake of La Mata.
The salt lake of Torrevieja stands out because of its special color. Large parts of the salt lake radiate a purple color. When a few white clouds hang over the lake on a sunny day, it may happen that the reflection makes it appear as if there are purple clouds in the sky.
The salt lake is very shallow in many places. Often there is not much more than a salt layer left. That's why many tourists like to take pictures at this place. Keep in mind that the mud full of salt is difficult to remove from your stuff. A trip with the mountain bike in the salt water is therefore not recommended.
kind of trip :
* nature
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always accessible
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* the salt lake is between the CV-945, CV-905 and N-332
* GPS : 38.003837,-0.724927
distance :
* Torrevieja : 6 km, 9 minutes
* Guardamar : 11 km, 15 minutes
* La Marina : 20 km, 23 minutes

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