Torrevieja - La estatua de la Bella Lola
La estatua de la Bella Lola
Torrevieja has a beautiful pedestrian promenade with many cozy terraces, some artificial beaches and some benches to relax. Especially in the evenings it is very busy here.
At the end of Paseo Juan Aparicio there is a monument called "Monumento al Hombre del Mar" dedicated to the men of the sea. The monument pays tribute to all Marines and fishermen from Torrevieja who found their final resting place at sea. One of these men was Antonio, the husband of la Bella Lola. Together with nine others he went out to sea with the ship "La Gaviota". Since then, no trace of him or the other crew members has been found. An extensive search was set up but unfortunately without results. Eventually all searches were stopped on May 12, 1919 and all hope was given up to find them alive again. La Bella Lola refused to accept the death of her Antonio. Day after day, week after week, month after month she came back to this place by the sea. She sat down on the rocks with her white nightdress, staring at the sea, hoping for her husband's return. Today, Bella Lola still sits on the rocks at the start of the Paseo Juan Aparicio. Day and night she looks at the sea still looking for her husband. The statue of la Bella Lola is a symbol for all women who saw their men leave the ship and never returned. La Bella Lola is a beautiful image with a sad story.
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* varia
address :
* Paseo Juan Aparicio, Torrevieja (zeedijk)
* GPS : 37°58'26.9"N 0°40'37.3"W - decimal 37.974147, -0.677023
distance :
* Torrevieja : ---
* Guardamar : 13 km, 20 minutes
* La Marina : 22 km, 26 minutes

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