Torrevieja - night market & fair
Night market and fair of Torrevieja
If you cross the street at the end of the sea front of Torrevieja (near the pier) you will come to the tourist night market of Torrevieja. There is a large fun fair on the grounds just next to it from spring to autumn.
Most stalls on the market and the fair open between 5 and 6 pm. The large crowds usually come after 8 pm and last until after midnight.
Almost all market stalls are open during the summer season. The farther away from the summer, the more it stays closed. The fair is largely away by the end of October.
The tourist market has evolved enormously in recent years. A few years ago, most of the stalls were built up day after day. In recent years, these have been replaced by permanent wooden structures that remain standing throughout the year.
This market and fair are certainly worth a visit.
TIP: watch out for pickpockets
kind of trip :
* varia
entrance fee :
* free entrance - pay per ride at the fun fair
opening hours :
* the stalls open one by one during the afternoon and the early
  evening. Normally they don't close before midnight.
address :
* Paseo de la Libertad, 03181 Torrevieja
* GPS : 37.974738,-0.678780
distance :
* Torrevieja : ---
* Guardamar : 13 km, 20 minutes
* La Marina : 22 km, 26 minutes

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