Museo Microgigante

El Castell de Guadelest has a number of nice museums including the Museo Microgigante. This is one of the two micro museums that can be found in this village. This museum is located in the lower part of the village on Calle Sol opposite to the Antiguo Lavadero. The second museum, el Museo de Microminiaturas, is located within the castle walls. The artistic works in both museums are by the same artist, Manuel Ussà.
In el Museo Microgigante you see both giant sculptures and micro- miniatures. Hence the name Micro-Gigante. But it is mainly the microminiatures that attract attention because microminiatures are also really micro. They are so insanely small that the objects are hardly visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, powerful magnifying glasses ensure that you can see all the details down to the last detail. What you get to see here is amazing. Manuel Ussà has always been strongly connected with nature and this is also reflected in his works. Through the powerful magnifying glasses you see, among other things, an ant playing the violin, a self-portrait of Ussà cut into a grain of sand, a painting by El Greco painted on a grain of rice, the Bible made in a hair, an arena built on the head of a pin, a flea in training suit on a bike and so much more. Here you see the impossible. We bet that after visiting the Museo Micro-Gigante you will never look at an ant or flea in the same way?
To be able to realize these masterpieces in such detail you must have endless patience, a mega concentration, enormous self-control and a rock-solid hand. Characteristics that were clearly assigned to this talented artist. In his studio there is maximum peace and absolute silence. He himself invented his almost invisible working instruments. He also has a number of valuable auxiliary instruments at his disposal, including bifocal magnifiers of 10 to 80 magnifications, a polarized light lamp that focuses the focal point very accurately on his work and a special chair that minimizes his involuntary movements. If there are involuntary movements because Manuel Ussà masters the breathing technique to perfection and works between two heartbeats. All this to prevent his beats from destroying his delicate work.
kind of trip :
* museum
entrance fee :
* ticket only for the Museo Microgigante
    ° adults: 4 euros
    ° children from 5 to 10 years and retired people: 3 euros
* combination ticket with the Museo Microminiaturas
    ° adults: 6 euros
    ° children from 5 to 10 years and retired people: 4 euros
opening hours :
* summer: daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
* winter: daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
contact :
* phone : (+34) 965 885 062
address :
* Calle Sol 2, 03517 El Castell de Guadelest
* GPS : 38°40'34.0"N 0°11'55.6"W - decimal 38.676097, -0.198771
distance :
* Torrevieja : 118 km, 100 minutes
* Guardamar : 110 km, 90 minutes
* La Marina : 97 km, 75 minutes
accessibility :
* wheelchairs: very difficult due to the narrow entrance and the
   collection partly upstairs (accessible via spiral staircase)

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