Castillo de Monteagudo
Castillo de Monteagudo
Monteagudo is a town about 5 kilometers north-east of Murcia. The only attraction of the village is the old castle at the top of the hill.
The castle was probably built in the Islamic period. After the founding of the city of Murcia in the year 825, it served as a fort and also as a storage shed for grain.
The access to the castle is closed. You can still go almost halfway up the hill and enjoy the enormous views.
The absolute eye-catcher is of course the large statue of Christ that stands at the top of the ruins and can be seen from miles away.
kind of trip :
* castle
address :
* Calle Abderrahaman II, 30160 Monteagudo
* GPS : 38.019988,-1.097781
distance :
* Torrevieja : 49 km, 50 minutes
* Guardamar : 53 km, 50 minutes
* La Marina : 58 km, 50 minutes