Bateria de Santa Pola
La Bateria de Santa Pola
La Bateria de Santa Pola is close to the lighthouse. Near the parking you can immediately get acquainted with the remains of some buildings. The building on the left was intended as a place to sleep for the troops who served here. The right-hand building housed the showers and toilets at the front and the kitchen at the back. There is a water storage facility just behind this building. There is a smaller building between the two barracks, the officer or guard house with an underground tunnel. In an emergency, this tunnel could be used to secure itself and led to a shelter.
Hidden between the trees you will find two identical and circular baterias partly hidden in the ground with a radius of about 6 meters. The baterias are connected to each other through a V-shaped tunnel. Two extra outputs are provided halfway between the two baterias. The troops could reach the baterias via a slight slope. Krupp Cannons were installed between the protective walls of the baterias. These artillery weapons were made from steel. Because the guns were in the ground, they were not immediately visible and they could easily protect the rural area. The disadvantage was that they were just as easily visible from the sky. The area was defended with the help of a range finder that allowed the soldiers to attack ships off the coast with great accuracy.
A little further four circles have been dug out with regard to the anti-aircraft defense. They are scattered throughout the area. With their round shapes and walls made of bricks and cement, the antiaircraft contributed to the defense against the attacks of enemy aircraft. Again, a slope was used to get to the zone where the anti-aircraft gun was located. The anti-aircraft guns were strategically set up. That way they were able to take down the planes that flew in from Mallorca at a low altitude and at a slow speed with the aim of attacking Alicante. In addition, they could also offer protection against attacks from the coast.
kind of trip :
* historical place
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always accessible
address :
* Faro del Cabo de Santa Pola, 03130 Santa Pola
* GPS : 38°12'34.7"N 0°31'06.7"W - decimal 38.209645, -0.518517
route :
N-332 about halfway between Santa Pola and Gran Alacant there is a narrow lane towards the coast. There is a sign pointing to the lighthouse. The parking is about 3.5 km away.
distance :
* Torrevieja : 37 km, 37 minutes
* Guardamar : 25 km, 26 minutes
* La Marina : 16 km, 20 minutes

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