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25 February 2023


Algezares is a fairly small part of the city of Murcia. It is located about five kilometers south of the city and is approximately 25 square kilometers in size. In recent years, the number of inhabitants has been slightly above 5,000.

Most visitors to Algezares head straight into the hills in search of the Santuario de la Fuensanta, an impressive place that exudes tranquility. If you have time left after your visit to the Santuario, you can discover many other great sights.


* GPS : 37°56'32.5"N 1°06'51.6"W - 37.942373, -1.114345


* Torrevieja : 68 km, 54 minuten

* Guardamar : 68 km, 60 minuten

* La Marina : 71 km, 62 minuten