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Ruta de las Norias in Abarán
This 6.2 km long walk (expandable to 9.6 km) leads you along 4 different norias or giant water wheels from the Arab era. It is an easy walk largely along the banks of the Rio Segura. There is a large parking lot along Avenida de la Constitución near el Parque Presa el Jarral, which is also the starting point of the walk. Put on sturdy shoes and leave! You depart upstream and quite immediately you come across a small dam and fish stairs. You walk further under two bridges. Just after the second bridge is the Parque Municipal de Abarán, a small city park with a typical Spanish bar “La Barraca”. Here you can still stock up the necessary water. After a drink and a possible sanitary stop you follow the route along the Rio Segura. The first noria, the Noria Grande, can be found a little further in the Parque de las Norias on the right. This Noria was originally built in 1805 and rebuilt in 1951. With a diameter of 11.92 meters, this is the largest water wheel in Europe. The Noria Grande is still in use and serves to bring the water from the Acequia Principal Blanca to the higher situated canals in order to provide water to the land along the banks of the river. It processes 25 liters of water per second or 155 tahúllas, expressed in the surface unit used in Southeast Spain. 1 tahúlla corresponds to a waterable area of ​​11 are and 15 centiare.
The walk continues along canals, lemon and mandarin trees to the Noria Hoya Don Garcia. This water wheel dates from 1818. The last reconstruction took place in 1951. The water wheel has a diameter of 8.20 m. Like its big brother the Noria Grande, it gets the water from the Acequia Principal Blanca. It can provide water to an area of ​​233 tahúllas.
The other two norias are on the other bank of the Rio Segura. To reach this, return to the pedestrian bridge. You have now reached the point where you have to decide whether or not to add an extension to the walk. Are you energetic enough for an extra 3.4 km then you walk over the bridge and you go to the right, still upstream. After approximately 1.7 km you will reach the landscape with the waterfalls of el Menjú. You return via the same path. If you opt for the shortest route, go over the bridge to the left, downstream. Take the first path on the right quite quickly. Keep to the right and you will reach the Noria de Candelón. This water wheel was built in 1850 and rebuilt in 1868. It has an impressive diameter of 6 meters. The Noria de Candelón also gets its water from the Acequia Charrara and can water around an area of ​​15 tahúllas. You return to the Rio Segura and walk further downstream. On your right, a bit hidden, is the fourth and smallest wheel, La Norica. The wheel has a diameter of 5 meters. La Norica is no longer used for irrigation. In better times, it took the water from the Acequia Charrara and was able to irrigate 8 tahúllas. You walk further until you reach Puente Viejo and cross this bridge. Then you continue downstream until you again reach el Parque Presa el Jarral and the parking area.
The route on the map below only shows the part from the starting point to the Noria Hoya Don Garcia.
kind of activity :
* walk
price :
* free
opening hours :
* not applicable, always accessible
address :
* parking : Parque Presa el Jarral, Av. de la Constitucion, Abarán
* GPS : 38°12'10.3"N 1°23'39.3"W - decimal 38.202868, -1.394241
distance :
* Torrevieja : 96 km, 69 minutes
* Guardamar : 88 km, 65 minutes
* La Marina : 93 km, 66 minutes
accessibility :
* dogs : allowed
* wheelchairs : several parts of this walk are unpaved as a result of
   which they are often not accessible with a wheelchair

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