naar het kasteel van Santa Barbara via het Parque de la Ereta of via de muur van het kasteel
Alicante - Parque de la Ereta -
Muralla Castillo Santa Barbara
If you want to combine a visit to the Santa Barbara Castle with a nice walk, make the climb via the Parque de la Ereta. One of the entrances to the park can be found next to the Museo de Aguas de Alicante. For a return with spectacular views, choose the path across the wall of the castle. If you go outside the castle and go up the gravel path you will come to the wall. You go through the gate on your right. This is the access to walk across the wall. The descent at a considerable walking pace is an experience in itself because the wall seems to swing a bit and you descend so quickly that you almost risk walking in an abyss. Also don't forget to look back once in a while at the beautiful view of the castle. You can of course also walk up on the wall, but we find that a little less beautiful.
kind of activity :
* walk
price :
* free
opening hours :
* November to March : daily 9:00 am - 10h00 pm
* April to Ocober : daily 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
address :
Entrance park next to Museo de Aguas de Alicante :
* Plaza Arquitecto Miguel Lopez, 03002 Alicante
* GPS : 38.346651,-0.480246
Gate to castle wall :
* GPS : 38.349363,-0.480014
distance :
* Torrevieja : 53 km, 55 minutes
* Guardamar : 44 km, 50 minutes
* La Marina : 31 km, 35 minutes

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