City walk Murcia
City walk in Murcia
Murcia is a bustling city where there is always something to experience. This walk of approximately 3 km takes you past the most important sights and most pleasant squares.
The walk starts at the Plaza Circular, the largest roundabout north of the center. You take the Gran Vía Alfonso X El Sabio, a wide promenade with beautiful plane trees in the middle. After a few minutes of walking you will see the Museo Arqueológico de Murcia, or MAM for short, on your right. In this museum you will learn more about the rich history of Murcia. Continue straight ahead until you see the Santa Clara Monastery on the right. At the same time you will find the Santa Ana church with the monastery of the same name on your left. Both the monasteries and the church were built between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. You continue straight ahead. The Gran Vía Alfonso X El Sabio ends here and you end up at Plaza Santo Domingo, which is also the name of the square on your left. Pay particular attention here to the enormous ficus tree. Right in front of Plaza Santo Domingo is the Iglesia Conventual de Santo Domingo. To the left of the church you walk under the arch and you arrive at the Plaza Romea with its pleasant terraces and the theater.
After visiting this square, go back under the arch and turn right into Calle Trapería. Immediately on your right is the Palacio Almodóvar. Don't be distracted by the Burger King that is located here, but look especially at the two "savages" against the facade. The next building in Calle Trapería is a little further on your left, the 19th century Real Casino. No casino as we know it, but rather a meeting place with Moorish Salons, a Roman Patio, a Neo-Baroque ballroom and an impressive library. An entrance ticket costs 5 euros but it is worth taking a look here. Then you walk completely down the Calle Trapería and you come to the side of the cathedral. Walk clockwise around the cathedral. After the tower and the side door with the apostles you arrive at the Plaza Cardenal Belluga with the Episcopal Palace on the left. Enjoy the front view of the impressive cathedral on this square. Walk past the Episcopal Palace. You will see the information office on the next corner. Take the small street between the palace and the information office, Calle del Arenal. You are now on the Plaza de la Glorieta de España with fountains, flowers and the 19th century town hall. Since you are close to the Rio Segura, you cross the street to look at the Entierro de la Sardina in the Rio Segura. Continue walking next to the Rio Segura with the Rio Segura on your left. You pass the bridge, Puente de los Peligros. Keep following the road next to the Rio Segura for about 200 meters until you see the Mercado de Verónicas on your right. Next to the covered market is the Muralla de Verónicas and the restos de la Muralla Arabe. You are now in Calle Arco de Verónicas. Walk this street to the end. Turn right onto Calle Jara Carrillo and take the second street on the left, Calle Pascual. Continue straight until you reach Plaza Santa Catalina. At the pharmacy on the Plaza Santa Catalina you can switch to Plaza Flores. On both squares it is pleasant to stay on one of the numerous terraces. Pay attention again. Stand on the plaza Santa Catalina with your back to the pharmacy and walk straight on Calle Santa Catalina until you reach the large intersection with Gran Vía del Escultor Francisco Salzillo. Here you turn to the left. You will still pass the Plaza Santa Isabel with a modern arch. Keep going straight. The Gran Vía Escultor Francisco Salzillo becomes the Avenida de la Constitución and after about 10 minutes you are back on the Plaza Circular.
There is one place left. Once you reach the Plaza Circular, walk to the left and take the first street to the left. El Carcel Vieja, the old prison, is on the corner.
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* walk
distance :
* Torrevieja : 70 km, 53 minutes
* Guardamar : 62 km, 51 minutes
* La Marina : 68 km, 51 minutes

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