kind of excursion :
* parc
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* always accessible
address :
* Avenida de la Constitucion, Abarán
* GPS : 38°12'04.6"N 1°23'39.2"W - decimal 38.201273, -1.394229
distance :
* Torrevieja : 96 km, 71 minutes
* Guardamar : 88 km, 67 minutes
* La Marina : 94 km, 68 minutes

Parque Presa el Jarral
What could be nicer, more refreshing and more pleasant than looking for coolness in a natural spring or river in the summer? There are so many beautiful natural springs and rivers to discover in the area of ​​the Costa Blanca, but you have to find them. Presa el Jarral in Abarán is one piece of paradise on earth. You have access to the shallow water via a pebble beach. The little ones can enjoy themselves along the waterline. The daring and adventurers go one step further against the dam and let the powerful water curtain flow over their bodies. This small waterfall is also part of a rafting trail. In addition to the water, the many white poplars provide the necessary shade. The various benches invite you to relax here, enjoy nature or have a picnic.
An "escala para peces", one of the many existing types of fish ladders, was built next to the waterfall. Certain fish species migrate upstream in search of a suitable place to reproduce. The dam was a serious obstacle to migration during this trek. In order to provide the fish with a passage and thus maintain the population, a solution was found in the "escala para peces". Studies have shown that since the construction of this "escala" more than 3000 fish have already used this access.
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