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* varia
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* free
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* always accessible
address :
* dam : RM-520
   GPS : 38°09'40.4"N 1°21'07.2"W - decimal 38.161218, -1.351990
* Mirador del Alto de Bayna : Calle Alto de Bayna, Blanca
   GPS : 38°10'34.2"N 1°21'57.1"W - decimal 38.176157, -1.365861
* Mirador de Embalse : Calle Barrio del Catre, Blanca
   GPS : 38°10'28.5"N 1°21'18.5"W - decimal 38.174572, -1.355145
* Mirador del Azud : Calle Barrio del Catre, Blanca
   GPS : 38°09'46.6"N 1°21'00.1"W - decimal 38.162935, -1.350039
distance :
* Torrevieja : 93 km, 73 minutes
* Guardamar : 86 km, 69 minutes
* La Marina : 91 km, 70 minutes

Embalse de Ojós
El Embalse de Ojós is better known by the locals under the name Azud de Ojós, literally translated "the flood defense of Ojós". As the name suggests you would think that this reservoir is located in Ojós, but it isn't. The reservoir is mainly located in Blanca. The construction of the reservoir and dam was completed in 1978. This artificial lake has a maximum capacity of 2.85 cubic hectometres, a surface of ​​85 hectares and a 53-meter-long dam with a height of almost 18 meters. Although these figures are quite impressive, this reservoir is still classified among the smallest reservoirs in the Rio Segura basin. The water that is stored in the reservoir is used almost exclusively for watering the crops. In addition, the embalse, surrounded by the impressive mountains in the background, is a real feast for the eyes and a tourist attraction in Blanca. Three vantage points give you the opportunity to view the embalse de Ojós from different angles. You have a first beautiful view from the passarela located on the mirador del Alto de Bayna. This is a walking bridge that rises above the surroundings.
For the second viewpoint you drive a little further to Calle Barrio del Catre. After the first intersection you leave the car and continue on foot along the canal to the Embalse de Ojós.
To reach the third and final viewpoint (Mirador del Azud), continue to follow Calle Barrio del Catre in a southerly direction until you reach the parking lot. From here you will have to climb a little bit on foot but your effort will be rewarded.
In addition to watering the fields, the reservoir is also occasionally part of the flood prevention system that is active in the Murcia region. This was the case on Thursday, September 12, 2019. After an extremely heavy rainfall, the embalse de Ojós reached 98% of its maximum capacity. That is why those responsible for the Segura Hydrographic Confederation decided to open the locks completely so that the abundant water could drain away. The abundant water was collected in the Rio Segura and its branches, the so-called "dump canals" that also flooded their neighborhood.
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