Guardamar del Segura - Parc Reina Sofia
kind of trip :
* park
entrance fee :
* free
opening hours :
* every day from morning to evening
contact :
* phone : (+34) 965 724 488 (tourism department)
address :
* Carretera a La Playa,  03140 Guardamar del Segura
* GPS : 38.090450,-0.649920
distance :
* Torrevieja : 13 km, 16 minutes
* Guardamar : ---
* La Marina : 8 km, 16 minutes

Parc Reina Sofia
In the summer months it can be quite hot on the Costa Blanca. Then it is puffing and blowing and we prefer to stay close to the air conditioning. But life is too short and too beautiful to stay inside. On such days, wooded parks are a great alternative and el Parque Reina Sofia is one of them. El parque Reina Sofia is located along Carretera a la Playa, a stone's throw from the Mediterranean Sea and is the spur of the pine forest of el Parque Alfonso XIII. In el Parque Reina Sofia different animals live in the wild. They are completely free to come, go and stand wherever they want. The ponds mainly attract ducks, swans, chickens, pigeons, turtles and peacocks. To give them a safe place where they can rest undisturbed, sunbathe and paddle in the water, the ponds were fenced. We did not say that the animals stay neatly inside the fence. Especially the peacocks like to go out. In the meantime, they are so used to visitors that they unabashedly cross your path and even come to eat out of your hand.
Look in the trees once in a while. They are also an ideal hiding place for chickens and peacocks. They see you but do you see them? The surrounding pine trees are one big amusement park for the squirrels. Like a rollercoaster, they run up against the trunks, fly from branch to branch to lower a number of trees further down. You can easily spend a few hours in el Parque Reina Sofia. In the shade of the pine trees you can enjoy a picnic. But don't dream too far away because before you know it, the squirrel will be off with your lunch. El Parque Reina Sofia is a beautiful park all year round, a meeting point for young and old. The younger ones can indulge themselves in the playground with swings and slides while the parents watch from a distance. There is even a small zip line. Who dares? The elderly gather around the petanque courts and challenge each other with a game of jeux de boule. Great!
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