Guardamar del Segura - Flour mill of San Antonio
Flour mill of San Antonio
Hidden among the trees next to the Rio Segura there is a pearl, at 1 kilometer from the center of Guardamar del Segura.
The building probably dates from the mid-14th century. In the late Middle Ages, it was used as a hydro-powered flour mill. Over the years, the construction has been modified several times until it was heavily damaged in 1829 by the great earthquake.
From 1919, a power station has been housed in it. These days the building is abandoned. It is not accessible to the public but the surrounding area is. If there is enough water in the Rio Segura you can capture very beautiful images of a fairy-tale environment with a wide waterfall. At this place you can escape from the bustle and enjoy the peace and nature.
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* building
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address :
* Carrer la Redona, 03140 Guardamar del Segura
* GPS : 38.093069,-0.660055
distance :
* Torrevieja : 14 km, 14 minutes
* Guardamar : 1 km, 4 minutes
* La Marina : 7 km, 12 minutes

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