Rental at the Costa Blanca
Do you have one or more houses or apartments at the Costa Blanca that you want to rent out? From now on it can be done even more easily via Costa info. And that for a very low cost. For just 4 euros per month you can place your holiday home in the spotlight and you will reach many hundreds of people. As a launch offer, we will reduce the price by 50% to 2 euros per month for each home that you rent on this website until the end of this year.
How do you proceed?
1. make a description of your home. You are free to determine which information you do or do not mention. In the example below you see how much space you get available.
2. send an email to with your text and minimum 1 to maximum 6 photos of the property. Make sure that the photos can be sent in one email, so make them a little smaller before sending them.
3. state in the email how long you want to see your property on costa-info for rent with a maximum of 6 months. Do not state an end date but the number of months.
4. after we have made a design based on your email, we will send it to you for approval, along with the payment information. If you agree, then you give your approval by return email and you transfer the stated amount with the stated notice. After receiving all this, we will publish your property on
You must certainly respect these rules:
- the content of your advertisement may not contain anything illegal or offensive.
- any advertisement can be refused by without stating a specific reason
- the owner / advertiser is fully responsible for the content of his message
- the owner / advertiser declares that he or she is fully in compliance with the applicable legislation regarding the rental of holiday homes
Costa-info only distributes the information that it receives from others. We are therefore in no way responsible for the content or any consequences of agreements between parties based on these advertisements.
Title of your ad
The title of your ad can be a maximum of 35 characters. In addition, you can write a free text with a maximum of 15 lines, each containing a maximum of 65 characters. So you can use almost 1,000 characters.
What do you put in here? Description of the property, location, maximum number of people, price per day or week, what is included, what additional costs are there, what is available in the property, smoking is allowed?, pets are allowed?, parking is provided?, ... And of course do not forget to mention how the interested can reach you. This can be done via a telephone number or email address.
The photos you send will alternately appear next to the text as in the example.