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Temporarily no calendar updates due to coronavirus.

March 16, 2020


Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the accompanying measures, no performances or other activities will take place for the time being. It is unclear when these will start again and which performances will continue at a later date. Due to this lack of clarity, we will not be bringing any updates to our agenda for the time being.



Museo Taurino in Alicante

March 1, 2020


On the Plaça d’Espanya in Alicante, you can find the bullring. From Tuesday to Saturday you can visit the bullring-museum in the building. Read more about it here.




Update info

February 23, 2020


In recent weeks we have checked opening hours and entry prices for 2020 on many pages and adjusted where necessary. The updates were done at the shopping centers and at the amusement parks, animals parks and aqua parks.



The history of Pinarello

February 5, 2020


Gary from Cyclogical tells us how Pinarello originated.




Salt and pepper in Guadelest

February 3, 2020


Every salt or pepper barrel is the same, isn't it? If you believe that you should definitely check out the Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros in Guadelest. No fewer than 20,000 different salt and pepper shakers are on display.




Casa Carbonell

January 27, 2020


A building with a story. One of the most striking buildings in Alicante. Read more about Casa Carbonell here.




A lot of updates ...

January 18, 2020


We have prepared a lot of updates. We have updated the opening hours of the shopping centers and added the special opening or closing days of 2020 where it is already available. We have also adjusted this home page.



Acuario Mediterraneo Alicante

January 18, 2020


The aquarium in the center of Alicante has recently been closed. To find out what is going on, we contacted the tourist office of the city of Alicante. They have confirmed to us that the aquarium is currently closed, but they do not yet know what is going to happen to the building.


Update calendar

January 12, 2020


Many halls present their events for the first half of the year at the beginning of January. We have incorporated all of these in our agenda.



Abus” Sportif Murcia 2019

11 december 2019


Gary may return to competitions from his doctor, but this one he has missed anyway. You can read why overhere.




Updated menu

December 8, 2019


For a long time, we had very long lists in our menu, which made it hard to keep on expanding our number of pages. Today we have largely reformed this menu so you can navigate easily again.



Miniature in Guadelest

December 1, 2019


There are many museums in El Castell de Guadelest. For example, there are 2 museums with artworks made on something very small. How about art on a grain of rice, on an insect, ... More about this on our new pages Museo Microgigante and Museo de Micro Miniaturas.




Search the way you want

November 23, 2019


We already had the ability to search by city or by type of trip, or the ability to search on a map. We are now expanding this even further with a real search function.

You can access our new search function on the home page or via the menu button “more”.




Parc Reine Sofia Guardamar del Segura

November 11,  2019


New text.




28th edition Miguel Indurain

November 10, 2019


Gary of Cyclogical tells us about the 2019 edition of the annual Miguel Indurain competition. Click here to read the full article.




Update calendar

October 23, 2019


Our calendar is regularly updated throughout the year. Occasionally we go for a slightly more thorough update, such as today.



Parque de Quijano

October 20, 2019


There are several parks in the city of Alicante. Today we will take you to the Parque de Quijano, near the bullring.




New pages

October 14, 2019


We have added not one, not two but five new pages, all of them about the area of Abarán.








Coll de Rates

October 6, 2019


In June Gary of bicycle shop Cyclogical went cycling with a few Danish guys. He tells you about their trip to the Coll de Rates. Click here to read the story.





September 12, 2019


Have you noticed? While everyone was on holiday, Costa-info remained active throughout the summer. From tomorrow we will take a break for about three weeks. The updates via our Facebook page continue but here on the website there will be no updates. We charge our batteries and at the beginning of October we will be back.



Update pages shopping centers

September 8, 2019


In recent days we have updated all the pages about the shopping centers in the area. Some shopping centers have changed their opening hours since our last update, an other has a new e-mail address, and some have also added new photos.




Cyclogical goes to further training

September 8, 2019


From time to time the Cyclogical technicians attend further training. Every year they participate at a training organized by Shimano where they can learn the newest techniques. Gary tells more about it. Click here to read the story.





Santuario de la Fuensanta in Algezares

1 September 2019


Algezares is less than 10 kilometers outside of Murcia. This town in quite famous because of the Santuario de la Fuensanta. Even those who are not religious can also come here to enjoy the beautiful buildings and the beautiful view over the city of Murcia.


Click here for the new page about this place.




The Rio Segura in Orihuela

25 August 2019


The Rio Segura crosses the center of Orihuela. Just like in other places, the river was made artificially wider here. This creates some beautiful places and a cozy environment for walking. Read more info here.




The Russian Orthodox church in Altea

18 August 2019


We have added a new page about a very special building in Altea. There is a Russian Orthodox church. If you are in the area, it is certainly worthwhile to take a look. Click here to view this page.




Team Cyclogical participated the Quebrantahuesos 2019

11 August 2019


In June, Team Cyclogical has participated the Quebrantahuesos Marcha Cicloturistica. You can read the story about their fantastic experience here.




Visita Salinas Torrevieja

August 8, 2019


Update info sheet




Bateria de castillitos

August 6, 2019


New photos




Parc Reine Sofia Guardamar del Segura

August 6, 2019


New photos





August 6, 2019


Update info sheet & new photo’s.




2 new city walks : Cartagena and Murcia

4 August 2019


We have added 2 new pages, both city walks. One is in Cartagena, the other is in Murcia.




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