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Updated menu

December 8, 2019


For a long time, we had very long lists in our menu, which made it hard to keep on expanding our number of pages. Today we have largely reformed this menu so you can navigate easily again.



Miniature in Guadelest

December 1, 2019


There are many museums in El Castell de Guadelest. For example, there are 2 museums with artworks made on something very small. How about art on a grain of rice, on an insect, ... More about this on our new pages Museo Microgigante and Museo de Micro Miniaturas.




Search the way you want

November 23, 2019


We already had the ability to search by city or by type of trip, or the ability to search on a map. We are now expanding this even further with a real search function.

You can access our new search function on the home page or via the menu button “more”.




28th edition Miguel Indurain

November 10, 2019


Gary of Cyclogical tells us about the 2019 edition of the annual Miguel Indurain competition. Click here to read the full article.




Parque de Quijano

October 20, 2019


There are several parks in the city of Alicante. Today we will take you to the Parque de Quijano, near the bullring.




New pages

October 14, 2019


We have added not one, not two but five new pages, all of them about the area of Abarán.









Coll de Rates

October 6, 2019


In June Gary of bicycle shop Cyclogical went cycling with a few Danish guys. He tells you about their trip to the Coll de Rates. Click here to read the story.





September 12, 2019


Have you noticed? While everyone was on holiday, Costa-info remained active throughout the summer. From tomorrow we will take a break for about three weeks. The updates via our Facebook page continue but here on the website there will be no updates. We charge our batteries and at the beginning of October we will be back.




Cyclogical goes to further training

September 8, 2019


From time to time the Cyclogical technicians attend further training. Every year they participate at a training organized by Shimano where they can learn the newest techniques. Gary tells more about it. Click here to read the story.





Santuario de la Fuensanta in Algezares

1 September 2019


Algezares is less than 10 kilometers outside of Murcia. This town in quite famous because of the Santuario de la Fuensanta. Even those who are not religious can also come here to enjoy the beautiful buildings and the beautiful view over the city of Murcia.


Click here for the new page about this place.




The Rio Segura in Orihuela

25 August 2019


The Rio Segura crosses the center of Orihuela. Just like in other places, the river was made artificially wider here. This creates some beautiful places and a cozy environment for walking. Read more info here.




The Russian Orthodox church in Altea

18 August 2019


We have added a new page about a very special building in Altea. There is a Russian Orthodox church. If you are in the area, it is certainly worthwhile to take a look. Click here to view this page.




Team Cyclogical participated the Quebrantahuesos 2019

11 August 2019


In June, Team Cyclogical has participated the Quebrantahuesos Marcha Cicloturistica. You can read the story about their fantastic experience here.




2 new city walks : Cartagena and Murcia

4 August 2019


We have added 2 new pages, both city walks. One is in Cartagena, the other is in Murcia.



Excursion number 200 is online

28 July 2019


For our 200th trip we wanted something special. Special is the least you can say about a visit to the Rambla Salada. A walk through this riverbed is not for everyone. The walk varies from very quiet to (a little) dangerous in some places. Those who dare get to see very beautiful nature in return. Click here to see the page about the Rambla Salada.




Museo Arqueologico y Factoria Romana de Salazones :

21 July 2019


In Puerto de Mazarron you can visit the remains of the old salt factory. This building also functions as an archaeological museum. Click here for more information.




Museo arqueologico Orihuela :

14 July 2019


The Archaeological Museum of Orihuela is in a slightly different building than you would expect and that makes it special. Read more about it here.




Moratalla Sportif :

9 July 2019


Gary of Cyclogical tells us about the participation of his team in the Moratalla Sportif in the month of May. Read the full story here.




Altea :

6 July 2019


We went on a trip to Altea and of course we made a page about it: click here




Update agenda :

29 June 2019


We regularly update our agenda, so definitely take a look via the agenda button or via this link


Climb a slope, how do you do that :

12 June 2019


Can you climb hills well by bike? Maybe you can learn something from the tips we got from Gary. Click here to read his latest story about climbing.




Weather forecast :

10 June 2019


Sometimes it is 5 degrees warmer in Murcia than in Benidorm. Or it rains inland while it is sunny by the sea. From now on you can compare the weather in 10 places on our new page : www.costa-info.com/weatherEN.html



New : holiday rental ads

28 May 2019


Do you have a holiday home for rent at the Costa Blanca, then of course you want to let the right people know. That is why from now on you can put an advertisement for your property for rent on Costa-info. Click here for more info.


Another new page : Museo del Mar in San Pedro del Pinatar

26 May 2019


In this museum you will find a lot of scale models of boats, as well as special fish species and a lot more that has to do with the sea. Click here to view the page of the museum.




New : Vila Museu in Villajoyosa

19 May 2019


Our latest new page contains information about the municipal museum of Villajoyosa, Vila Museu. Click here for more info.




Gary’s hip

15 May 2019


This time Gary from the Cyclogic bicycle shop talks about his new hip and his rehabilitation. Click here for the full story.



Many new pages

12 May 2019


We have added many more pages: markets, shopping centers, activities, media, ...



Interactive map online

10 May 2019


Our interactive map for excursions is online. On the map you can search and select your excursions by category in the area you prefer. Go to our menu and select excursions and then map or click here.



The adventures of Lynn and Gary

18 April 2019


Do you know Cyclogical bicycle store in Quesada? This is more than a bicycle store. The life of the owners Lynn & Gary is all about cycling. They also have their own cycling team. They regularly tell one of their stories on costa-info.com about things they have experienced. Click on more in the menu or here to read their stories.



Costa-info.com in English

17 April 2019


Today we launch the first part of the English version of www.costa-info.com. Every trip available in Dutch and French is already available here in English. The next weeks we will add more pages such as the weekly local markets, shopping-centra in the area and the agenda. We will also add lots of links and imrove the menu to make your surfing experience even better. Enjoy Costa-info.com



 Welcome to Costa-info.com
Costa-info.com was launched on 30 June 2017 as a website for Dutch-speaking residents and tourists on the Costa Blanca. During 2018 we also made the website available in French and now we also start in English.
Our offer consists of very specific information about more than 190 trips. In the near future we will also tell you where you can find the best shopping centers, the markets in the region, all kinds of activities, and we have a very extensive agenda with hundreds of events for the coming weeks and months. These things are already available in Dutch and French and will be added to the English version as soon as possible.
With a lot of updates we keep the info as up-to-date as possible. Click and enjoy ...
For our texts and fact sheets, we often depend on information we receive or retrieve from websites and brochures. For this reason, we can not take responsibility for any errors in the info.
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Costa-info news

Parc Reine Sofia Guardamar del Segura

November 11,  2019


New text.




Update calendar

October 23, 2019


Our calendar is regularly updated throughout the year. Occasionally we go for a slightly more thorough update, such as today.



Update pages shopping centers

September 8, 2019


In recent days we have updated all the pages about the shopping centers in the area. Some shopping centers have changed their opening hours since our last update, an other has a new e-mail address, and some have also added new photos.




Visita Salinas Torrevieja

August 8, 2019


Update info sheet




Bateria de castillitos

August 6, 2019


New photos




Parc Reine Sofia Guardamar del Segura

August 6, 2019


New photos





August 6, 2019


Update info sheet & new photo’s.




Museo del vino - Bullas
July 21, 2019


Update opening hours




Novelda + Castell de la Mola
July 11 2019


Update text + update info sheet & more photos.




Banyeres de Mariola

June 16, 2019


Update text + update info sheet & more photos.




Les fonts de l’Algar

June 10, 2019


New text + update info sheet & more photos.




Aquapark Flamingo :


June 3, 2019


Update of the entrance fee



Pantano de Elche :

May 8, 2019


Update of the information + new photos


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