Santa Pola - Massapa cisterns
Massapa cisterns
These tanks were built in the 18th century for the water supply of Santa Pola. Given the increase in the local population, caused in particular by the wealth of salt and fishing, there was a greater need for water. These underground tanks collected and stored the rainwater that flowed from the rocky slopes of the mountains. The water was transported in large earthenware pots on carts and sold along the road.
You can only view these reservoirs through a fence.
kind of trip :
* building
address :
* Carre Juan Sebastian Elcano, Santa Pola
* GPS : 38°11'31.5"N 0°32'32.5"W - decimal 38.192090, -0.542361
distance :
* Torrevieja : 34 km, 33 minutes
* Guardamar : 29 km, 30 minutes
* La Marina : 13 km, 15 minutes

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